How to become a member ?

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How to Join AAW France

AAW France is a non-profit organisation.
AAW is an association of activists living in France, principally Americans, dedicated to global peace and justice.

AAW France est une association à but non lucratif qui relève de la loi du 1er juillet 1901.

Objet de l’association AAW : promouvoir la paix en s'opposant à la guerre et à toutes les formes d'oppression ; promouvoir la justice en identifiant et dénonçant l'origine politique et/ou économique des injustices.


How do I become a member ?

Please make sure that you agree with:
AAW Statement of Principles and Internal Rules
(scroll to bottom of page)

You can participate in AAW in various degrees:
  1. Active Member
  2. Non-Active Member
  3. Student Membership
  4. Listserv Participant
REQUIREMENTS : All Active, Non-Active and Student Members and Listserv Participants must provide AAW with the following personal data (for internal use only):

Only Active and Non-Active Members pay dues of 30€ a year.
AAW is an all-volunteer organization.
Checks should be made payable to AAW France.
We will e-mail you back where to send your check.

1. Active Membership
Active members pay dues of 30€ a year.
Active members participate regularly in meetings and activities

Active members have voting rights

2. Non-Active Membership

Non-Active members pay dues of 30€ a year.
Non-Active members support AAW's volunteer actions by paying dues but are unable to participate in meetings and activities on a regular basis.
A person may choose to be a Non-Active member for reasons of health or because of residency outside of France part of the year, etc.
Non-Active members have no voting rights and may not speak publicly on behalf of AAW, unless requested to do so by the association's administrating board.

3. Student Membership

Student membership is free.
We encourage Students to participate in
AAW meetings and activities
It is important that you have a voice in guiding your own future.

4. Listserv Participant

What is a listserv and how do I participate?

A listserv is a means of communication and lively discussion through e-mails in realtime with people who are interested in furthering the anti-war movement.

Listserve participation is open to everyone (paying members, nonpaying participants, students) who agree to and uphold the List-serv Guidelines (scroll to bottom of page ).

REQUIREMENTS: All Listserv Participants must provide AAW with the following personal data (for internal use only):

New listserv participants : we suggest the Digest Version, you receive one e-mail per day with all the articles sent by listserv participants for that day. You will still have the ability to send articles to be posted on the main listserv.

If you want more immediate interaction with listserv participants, you must subscribe to the full listserv and you will receive each e-mail sent to the listserv as they are posted in realtime.

Meetings and General Assembly

All Active, Non-Active and Students members are invited to participate in AAW's meetings that are held after every scheduled Vigil .
All Active, Non-Active and Students members are invited to participate in AAW's General Assembly.

Financial Difficulties and Yearly Dues

We will suspend the yearly dues if you are facing financial difficulties and unable to pay the 30€, please notify us of your situation.


AAW is an all-volunteer organization and we appreciate any donations of support for our efforts. All donations are tax deductible. Your donations will be used to pay for photocopying, banner supplies, room rentals for speakers, speaker fees, etc. and all expenses related to our Anti-War activities.

Your Voice Matters

We want to hear from you. We value your thoughts and ideas on the work that we are doing, Or, if you know of an event that our readers should know about, Please feel free to contact us via our e-mail (see below).

AAW France - Internal Rules

AAW Statement of Principles

List-serve Guidelines

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